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Savills: Workplace Trends


Savills: Industry Specific Future Workplace Trends

Our members at Savills have put together an insightful analysis of the latest trends in the workplace by industry. The global health crisis has greatly impacted life as we knew it. It has brought great sadness to many, but also presents tremendous opportunity. Specifically as it relates to ridding old workplace norms. It has allowed people to question their hour plus commute, 5 day work week and ability to work in a single location for 12 plus hours daily. It has reset values and priorities and will result in a new era of working that will directly correlate to a workspace transformation. Workplace design and policy with built in flexibility, choice and purpose, and most importantly a heightened consciousness of health, wellness and safety is the new norm.

See below for the infographics to learn about what people miss most about the office, what people expect upon their return, what your competitors are already implementing and more:


Savills Workplace Trends Infographic

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