Ruckus: Winner of the 2020 Emmy


Winner of the 2020 Emmy® Award

for Branded Content!


We are beyond thrilled for our members at Ruckus Marketing that recently won their first Emmy® award for Branded Content at this year’s 2020 Emmy® award ceremony! It was their first ever nomination, and to bring home top honors is a remarkable achievement for their team.

Ruckus Marketing Emmy Award Winners

This was the first year for the Branded Content category. Winning the inaugural Emmy® award is a major milestone in their journey to produce the best in video and content. Ruckus would like to give a special thank you to Brian Delozier, the subject of the short film. His art is a testament to his bravery and determination, and his creativity motivates us to push our own artistic endeavors.  We could not be more inspired.

“We’ve always known how talented, driven, and creative our team is,” says Ruckus President Alex Friedman. “To be the recipient of an Emmy® award is the culmination of a long pursuit of excellence by the entire team. Our agency is thrilled for both our team and our partner, Crayola. This is an incredible win.”

To view the Emmy® award winning film, watch the film here.

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