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MBN is now The Alliance


MBN is now The Alliance

What a difference a year makes! Just over 12 months ago the members of the Metropolitan Business Network (MBN) decided that after 40 years of successfully

Marc Shapses Headshotworking together to support each other as well as our mutual friends, and clients, to rebrand as the Metropolitan Executive Alliance (The Alliance).

With such a storied history, this wasn’t an easy decision. Our membership realized that the organization had outgrown its modest roots and needed a name, mission and agenda that reflected it’s current power, reach and influence throughout NY and beyond.

The 2020 version of the Alliance is a who’s who of leaders in their respective industries that band together to share insights, resources and access between our fellow members and their clients and partners, opening minds and doors and leading to business innovation and revenue growth for the thousands of people we touch each year. We exist because we have proven that a diverse Alliance of the best of the best from different industries creates real world business and personal success. We endured and succeeded this year because our Alliance gave members and their clients 360-degree insights into how more than 40 unique industries were affected during the pandemic and how best to support their customers and vendors in these areas.

You are likely reading this because you have joined us in the past at an MBN or Alliance event, or have a close relationship with one of our members who believe you will benefit from joining us in the future for one of our famous breakfasts, cocktail hours or speaker events. In the meantime, please enjoy this short summary of the amazing things happening within our membership and the best practices our thought leading members have innovated during the Covid Crisis.

We hope these stories benefit you and your organization and look forward to seeing you in person soon.


Marc Shapses 

President of the Alliance