Giving Back to our Community


“Paying It Forward” Together


The Campaign Against Hunger Donation

Earlier this year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization came together to support the community and city we love. While many of our businesses were impacted by COVID-19,  when the conversation turned to helping others, our members stepped up to help fight food insecurity among our fellow New Yorkers. During this time, The Alliance was able to raise just over $30,000 to support three NYC non-profit organizations whose services are primarily focused on feeding the hungry in our beloved city.

The organizations we chose to help are smaller in size with limited resource, but they are able to immediately deploy our contribution to a broad number of people in need. These organizations we chose to were:






One of the core values of our organization is “Pay it Forward” and during this time of need, our members stepped up to make a difference. We are grateful for all of the generous donations that helped make this possible. The Alliance is “Paying It Forward” together.

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“As small business supporters who operate a culinary incubator, Hot Bread Kitchen understands that supportive networks are critical for entrepreneurs to thrive. These networks create opportunities for businesses to access markets and capital. We know The Alliance shares this understanding, and we are grateful for their meaningful gift, which will continue to support food workers and small business owners through pandemic recovery.” —Shaolee Sen, CEO, Hot Bread Kitchen


Hot Bread Team Donation