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Arista: HVAC Strategies for COVID


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HVAC Strategies for COVID:

Technology Solutions for Healthier Spaces and Better Indoor Air Quality

Arista HVAC SystemsOur members at Arista Air Conditioning have created an excellent resource on HVAC systems to address the importance of indoor Air Quality. More than any other time in recent memory, the COVID pandemic has made New Yorkers sit up and pay attention to healthy indoor air quality.

Because we can’t see the viruses, bacteria, VOCs and other airborne pollutants in the air we breathe, it can be easy to overlook the risks they pose to our health and safety. But since COVID invaded our homes and workplaces, it’s obvious that we can’t ignore indoor air quality when we care about our health and that of others who share our spaces.

And when it comes to indoor air, the first place to look for solutions is our HVAC systems.

In the guide below, Arista reviews some HVAC design and technology solutions that can help reduce the chances of COVID transmission in buildings, and also improve overall air quality. You’ll learn the benefits, the downsides, and how to make the right choices for your space.

Download the guide here: Arista – HVAC Strategies for COVID-19.

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Arista has also created this helpful video about their HVAC services: