The Future of Health with Clear


The Future of Health with Clear


It is no secret that the world is adapting and changing given the current state of the world. As vaccination numbers increase, we begin to ask the question: what is the future of health? Will the world return to the way things were prior to the pandemic? Or will there be new standards? Before COVID we knew nothing about an individuals health, but as we attempted to return to a new normal, it is crucial to adapt and understand any possible health risks in your facility.

The Alliance recently had the honor of hosting Adam Landsman, VP at Clear, to discuss how Clear is preparing for the future of health.

With safety and accessibility on the forefront, Clear has developed Health Pass: A mobile solution that allows users to seamlessly complete health screening requirements to enter the office, sports venues, events and beyond. This tool will give users the ability to have all necessary health documentation completed prior to entering a specific location. Partners decide what screening requirements users must complete for a safe entry which can include:

  • Vaccine validation: Confirm who’s vaccinated by having users connect their records in a secure, verifiable way
  • Optional temp scanning hardware: Take touchless temperature, showing the result in the mobile app
  • Test results: Users link their lab provider to show COVID-19 test results
  • Health survey: Users take a real-time health survey to screen for possible symptoms and determine if they may be at risk
  • Privacy protected: Users data is protected

Identity platform such as Health Pass, can enables faster, safer, and easier experiences across the board.

Here is an example of an experience with Clear:

With this type of solution in place, it would help business and institutions build back better than ever before, with safer frictionless experiences. With just a quick capture of your face or eyes, CLEAR verifies your identity and provides safe, easy access.

Clear is currently available at 50+ airports, stadiums, and other venues nationwide and growing. For more information about Clear, visit their website or contact Adam Landsman at to see how Clear might be a fit for you.