Giving Back

The Alliance’s “Pay it Forward” mentality was best exemplified by the late Roy Hoffman, a founding Alliance member who loved to say …

“You can’t always pay someone back, so instead, pay it forward and help someone else.”

Roy’s memory and passion for selflessly helping others is celebrated each year as a reminder of the Alliances commitment to this foundational principle.

The Roy Hoffman Award, is given annually to a member who best exemplifies the same abundantly giving nature and commitment as Roy had for the organization and those around him.



Andrew Stiller, POM Technologies, received The Alliance’s 2018 Networker of the Year Award and the Roy Hoffman Pay It Forward Award. Andrew consistently made a positive impact on The Room at every meeting throughout the year, and also exemplified his commitment to helping other members and The Alliance itself, well beyond the main events. His willingness to share his knowledge, his expertise and his strong contacts with The Room, and his initiative in working together with various members of The Alliance to further the organization’s goals, encapsulates the spirit and dedication that are integral to us.

Eric Wolf

2017 Recipient

Dana Panzarino

2016 Recipient

Jon Ecker

2015 Recipient

David Kaufman

2014 Recipient